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AB27 Salvatore Ferretti, in exile in London saved Italian children begging in the streets


A60 Gulya Pulszky, son of Ferenc Pulszky, exiled Hungarian patriot
A48 Sir David Dumbreck, Head of hospitals in the Crimea
A47 Bartolomeo Odicini, the Garibaldi's family doctor in Uruguay and then of Garibaldi after Aspramonte
A29 Walter Savage Landor, Poet of Gebir, friend of the Brownings


B42 Isa Blagden, novelist and poet, friend of the Trollopes, the Brownings, Henry James, etc., lived at Bellosguardo
B80 Frances Trollope, novelist against slavery and the use of children in mines and factories
B85 Theodosia Garrow Trollope, her daughter-in-law, writer and translator of the Risorgimento
B108 Joseph Garrow, magistrate, son of an Indian princess and an East India Company officer
B8 Elizabeth Barrett Browning, designed by Frederick Leighton, Poet, Abolitionist, married to Robert Browning, Poet, who is buried in Westminster Abbey, mother to Pen Browning
B9 Fanny Holman Hunt, sculpted by Pre-Raphaelite William Holman Hunt
B10 Mary Spencer Stanhope, sculpted by Pre-Raphaelite John Roddam Spencer Stanhope

B32 Hiram Powers, American sculptor whom Frances Trollope had had make Dante's Commedia in waxworks, who next taught sculpture at the Accamdeia de Belle Arti, sculpted, The Greek Slave, exhibited at the centre of the Crystal Palace, 1851, America, Last of her Tribe
B58 Nadezhda De Santis, black slave from Nubia, baptized with name in Russian for Hope
B20 Johan Claes Lagersvard, sculpted by Jan Bystrom, Swedish diplomat


C93 James Hughes, sculpted by Bazzanti, participant in Peninsula Battles against Napoleon
C3 Thomas Southwood Smith, sculpted by Joel Hart, medical doctor working against slums and the use of children in mines anf factories

C19,20,21,22 The Gigliucci Counts, sons of Clara Novello, the singer, and their Jewish English wives
C106 Jean David Marc Gonin, sculpted by Bazzanti, cemetery's first burial, son of the President of the Swiss Evangelical Reformed Church, which legally owns the Cemetery


D13 Solomon Counis, Swiss miniature painter for the Bonapartes
D12 Elisa Le Comte Counis, his gifted artist daughter
D32 Horace Hall, founder of the English Cemetery
D31 Sebastian Kleiber, sculpted by Lorenzo Bartolini
D81 Joan Kantakuzen, Romanian nobleman, descended from a Byzantine Emperor, owned Roma slaves
D108 Theodore Parker, Abolitionist against slavery, founder of Unitarianism, tomb commissioned by Frederick Douglass, sculpted by William Wetmore Story
D110 Richard Hildreth, Abolitionist, novelist, writer on US history, banking


E1a Louisa Catherine (Adams) Kuhn, Henry Adams' sister, the subject of the Chaos chapter in The Education of Henry Adams
E141 Christina Temple Bowdoin, inventor of the telegraph/typewriter keyboard
E29 William Somerville, husband of Mary Somerville who taught Ada Lovelace mathematics, Mary and Ada responsible for the invention of the computer
E25 'Hope', sculpted by Odoardo Fantacchiotti
E27 Dmitri Corgialegno, who fought with Lord Byron on the island of Cephalonia
E54 John Logan Campbell, son of the founder of Aukland, New Zealand
E58 William Henry Sewell, natural son of King William IV


E48 Jean-Pierre Vieusseux, founder of the Gabinetto Vieusseux for readers such as Robert Browning, Fyodor Dosteivesky, and John Ruskin
F8 Arthur Hugh Clough, poet, related to Florence Nightingale

F122 Vera Leonidovna Urosova, princess, family friends with the Tolstoys
F36 Mary Elizabeth Guppy, daughter of Sarah Guppy, who invented the Clifford Suspension Bridge

Other tombs are of relatives of Jane Austen, Sir Walter Scott, William Wordsworth, Maria Edgeworth, and of participants in the Peninsula and Waterloo Battles against Napoleon